Fortnite XP Map Ranking: 10 Best XP Maps to Level Up Fast [2024]

Fortnite XP Map

Looking for the best Fortnite XP map? I’ve got you covered!

Below is my list of the top 10 best Fortnite maps that maximize your XP-per-minute, with the shortest time to level up (without using glitches and risking bans).

Best Fortnite XP maps in Creative Mode

Forget using Team Rumble to instant re-spawn and clear weekly challenges; these user-created maps will catapult your Battle Pass into the stratosphere.

Before diving into specifics, check out this handy cheat sheet!

XP MapCodeGameplay StyleKnown For
#1 Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor9993-8597-2573Co-Op Action BrawlerHigh-intensity combat
#2 The Pit Free For All4496-8509-3370Multiplayer MayhemGreat for quick elims
#3 Crusade – Horde Survival7265-2770-5815Cooperative SurvivalEndless zombie mobs
#4 Toy Box FFA9061-5458-7889Multiplayer MayhemToy Story meets The Pit
#5 Go Goated – Zone Wars3305-1551-7747Battle SimulationBR experience box fight
#6 OG 50 vs 506830-9716-3409Big Player BattleTeam rumble with tanks
#7 Default Parkour 4259265-0145-5540Obstacle CourseChill no-sweat parkour
#8 Zombieland9369-6922-8408Zombie SurvivalPost-apocalyptic feel
#9 Mega Ramp Games9630-8820-0674Racing SimulationGold coin pickup
#10 Valhalla: Boss Fight4420-8150-0081Big Mob BattleEasy large-size mobs

Earn XP in Fortnite with UEFN Maps

When you first log into the game, you’ll see the whole selection of different games. Those are creative, or UEFN Maps. That’s short for Unreal Engine Fortnite. Unreal Engine is Epic’s game engine, modified for Fortnite.

Not every map has XP, and they all don’t give the same XP. Like any game, they all score differently.

The quality of these games are all over the place. Some of them look like bad Roblox rip-offs, which were themselves a rip of something else. That’s why I started keeping track of what’s good and gives XP.

Top 10 Fortnite XP Maps for Rapid Leveling

1: Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor

Island code: 9993-8597-2573

Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor Fortnite

What would happen if you mixed Fortnite with a bullet-hell game like Vampire Survivor?

You would end up with Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor. Endless, intense battle with a giant cat-head shaped mountain.

From the moment it starts with a crack of lightning and a voice yelling, “Rise from your grave!” the battle begins. This sets the right tone because, at least in the early levels, you’ll die pretty often. And that voice pulls you back to life each time.

What separates this from almost every game on Fortnite creative is that all of the creatures you battle are unique. None of them are from Fortnite.

I’m talking trolls, ents, tiny forest… gnomes? I’m not sure what they are, but they hit you in the knees. Throw in Vikings, ghouls, cavemen, cute mushroom people, skeletons, oh, and a few bosses like a giant pig warrior, a huge lava golem and a bunch of other stuff.

And just to taunt you at how weak you are when it begins, you start out fighting pigeons. (Your first level is called Puddle-Poking Peasant, to give you an idea of what you should fight).

You won’t start with normal health. It begins at a painfully low 30, but by the time you reach level 16, it will be 300+. Plus you’ll have super speed, the ability to jump over buildings, glider redeploy and more.

You get more power, weapons and abilities as you level up.

So, where does the XP come in? Well, you get XP for every creature you defeat. And here’s what else is different about Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor versus every map we’ve ever played – there are literal hordes upon hordes of monsters charging you every step you take.

Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor Forest Ents

We fought for three minutes on top of a hill and lost track after felling hundreds of them. A few in our group died holding the hill, but everyone gets a share of XP based on damage dealt, so there is plenty to go around.

Other maps tease you with boring Fortnite zombies that linger around the map, and you have to run to them to battle a small group. In Clash of Chaos, with every step, you’ll be chased by dozens fighting your way across the map.

With infinite ammo, and endless hordes, the action never stops, and neither does the XP.

Plus, it all happens so fast, the time goes quick too. There are different areas of the island, and each area has unique creatures.

Personally, I think once you reach level 14 and you have both super speed, and low gravity jumping, it gets a lot more fun. It is hard to get through the first 7 levels, especially by yourself. But you’ll earn enough XP along the way to level up the battle pass without even thinking.

Use code 9993-8597-2573 to play or search “C.L.A.W” in the main menu.

2: The Pit Free For All

Island code: 4496-8509-3370

This is where friendships are put to the test and sibling rivalries get settled. The Pit lives up to its reputation as an extraordinary deathmatch experience, offering access to the game’s entire arsenal of weapons.

Not only can you sharpen your aiming prowess, but you also have the chance to accumulate an impressive amount of XP. Whether you’re focused on leveling up or just looking for a place to refine your skills, The Pit is an ideal battleground. Dive solo into this chaos-fest or with friends; remember kids, keep those grudges in-game.

3: Crusade – Horde Survival

Island code: 7265-2770-5815

Join forces with fellow knights defending thine kingdom from wave after wave of undead creeps! Although this map might not be as popular as some others (it bears a resemblance to Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor or Zombieland in its basic idea) it has a more creative layout than Zombieland which puts it a rank above.

You can team up in groups of up to five players compared to Clash of Chaos’ eight players.

Your objective is to withstand relentless waves of zombies that increase in ever-growing difficulty, all in a PvE setting.

Crusade – Horde Survival has more interesting mechanics vs Zombieland, but it’s still just fighting stock zombies, which can feel dull after a while. Clash of Chaos: C.L.A.W Island Survivor has unique creatures not found anywhere in Fortnite, and in greater numbers (meaning XP), which puts it higher up the list.

Crusade – Horde Survival still deserves more recognition than it gets because it does improve over the classic Zombieland XP farming. It offers multiple areas to explore, adding to the diversity. This variety not only prolongs the gaming experience but also significantly boosts the fun factor.

4: Toy Box FFA

Island Code: 9061-5458-7889

In a nutshell: this is Toy Story meets The Pit.

Toy Box is a funny zone to battle it, because you’re in a giant play room. But in every other way it’s still PVP, you against them. The cuteness ends at the decorations!

Gain XP through eliminations.

Since building is not a feature on this map, the combat is pretty quick, meaning you’ll either have the chance to rack up XP fast or if your aim isn’t up to the competition, you’re XP food for your enemies. This fast-paced game is perfect for those looking to advance their battle pass levels through player combat.

5: Go Goated – Zone Wars

Island code: 3305-1551-7747

Go Goated is a staple team zone-wars experience. If build-fighting is still your thing, but you’ve gotten bored with 1v1 box fights, this should scratch that itch. Teams start in separate zones, fight til the end, until one comes out victorious. You can gain over 18,000 XP for each round you win.

6. OG 50 vs 50

Island code: 6830-9716-3409

If you didn’t get enough of the OG season, and you’re a fan of Team Rumble, this is for you. Teams are positioned at opposite ends of the map. OG weapons and game style, per the title, but in a grand army against army play style.

7. Default Parkour 425

Island code: 9265-0145-5540

Default Parkour 425 offers a more relaxed parkour experience, similar to a death run, where you earn XP for completing each section. Its ease makes it an excellent choice for accumulating your daily XP. Additionally, it serves as a great warm-up for enhancing your movement skills, preparing you to triumph in every Battle Royale match in Fortnite. It’s more chill than most death run, or even parkour, maps. Obstacles and jumps feel more fun and easy to move through, less gut-wrenching. Earn XP as you complete sections of each level.

8: Zombieland

Island code: 9369-6922-8408

If you’re in the mood for some zombie action, don’t miss Zombieland. It’s an old-school creative classic, providing an easy way to earn a lot of XP.

As the name suggests, you’ll aim to survive through a few city blocks stocked with zombies. The more you eliminate, you’ll get access to gold, which you can use to upgrade your weapons. Plus, with no PvP, you won’t have to deal with other players.

This map has been out for a long time, and in all that time I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it get an update. Parts of it are broken, but as an XP farm, it still functions well.

Getting rid of zombies is so easy, it doesn’t require much thought, which also makes it a little boring after awhile and the main reason it ranks so low on the list. XP is good, fun is so-so.

9. Mega Ramp Games

Island code: 9630-8820-0674

I put this on the list for those who find driving games fun to do. Mega Ramp games get a bad rep for including XP glitches (which is against Epic TOS, see below) but as of this writing, Mega Ramp is a clean racing map. You’ll get XP picking up coins and completing actions, like jumps.

If you want to switch it up from gun battles, but still need to level up your season pass, this is a good way to go.

10: Valhalla: Boss Fight

Island code: 4420-8150-0081

Do you love fighting giant, and we’re talking building-size, huge monsters? Do you like the thrill of big boss brawls?

If you said yes Valhalla is for you. It starts out with the standard Fortnite zombies. Pretty slow paced and you might think, is this it? And be tempted to leave. But no, that’s not it. Despite a slow start, you do eventually work your way to the promised big boss battles.

It’s fun to see the huge creatures come at you, but the reason this ranks as 10 on our list, is once the novelty of fighting a big beast wears off… the bosses themselves are pretty easy to defeat. It misses the challenge and thrill of what makes a normal game boss special. It’s also a bit slower paced than most people have come to expect from a Fortnite experience, and while the XP is better than most maps, it’s not the best of the best.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t play it. You absolutely should, because as Fortnite XP Maps go it is a unique experience and if you haven’t played it before, a fun way to get a few levels.

How much can I get from a Fortnite XP Map per Day?

From everything we’ve seen and heard there’s a soft Fortnite XP map limit of 200,000 XP per day. It doesn’t mean that is the most you can earn, your XP playing creative maps never stops, but it will slow down.

That means if you earn enough playing the best Fortnite XP Map to get two levels in one hour, as an example, once you hit the soft cap it might then take one hour to get the next level.

For context 200,000 XP is roughly 2.5 battle pass levels per day.

This cap resets with the item shop each day. When you see new items in the shop, it also means a quick 2 – 3 levels playing these top Fortnite XP maps.

Can I get banned using Fortnite XP map codes?

Earning XP is part of playing any of the maps we’ve suggested above and completely fine. There’s zero risk, as XP rewards are even part of the main Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. It’s how you increase levels.

The reason most people ask about being banned are intentional “XP glitches”, usually shown on Youtube videos.

These are outrageous XP awards hidden in a map, where you click a secret button or do something just for the purpose of getting XP.

Technically, this type of action has always been against Epic’s Terms of Service.

Using exploits for unfair gains go against the Community Guidelines. Now, how often does it happen? So far, not very often. But that’s changing.

As recently as December 2023, content creators on Youtube started receiving warnings from Epic about promoting these exploits. Users most at risk for getting banned are content creators, and people who create the XP exploit maps.

If you have a lot of skins in your user account, it’s probably not worth using glitches. Stick to real maps, like the ones we’ve posted, and you’ll get plenty of XP to raise your levels with ease. Just because Epic hasn’t banned many users, doesn’t mean they couldn’t start at any time (as unlikely as that may be). It’s perfectly in their right to do so based on their terms.

Play real maps, earn great XP, and you won’t ever have to worry about a ban.