10 Best Games Like Candy Crush [2023]

Best Games Like Candy Crush
Games Like the Popular Candy Crush

Need more puzzle games in your life? Feeling lost since playing out Candy Crush so long ago?

We got you! These top 10 games like Candy Crush helps you pass time when needed most. Bored on a commute, waiting in queue, or stuck at a dinner you don’t fancy – get your phone out and play these top Android games and iOS games to keep your brain busy.

Candy Crush is still one of the biggest mobile games worldwide, but doesn’t meant there aren’t other fun Candy Crush type games you can (and should) play today.

1. Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle
Zookeeper Battle: Head-to-head cute creature matchup

Matching sweets is fine, but why not enjoy a matching puzzle game with cute little creatures instead? It’s a head-to-head battler, where every game randomly matches you with an opponent, and you must match animal icon columns. Matches attack your opponent automatically, although matching elephants and hippos gives you defence stats too.

Just like in Candy Crush, they limit your number of plays, which reset over time. But it’s a smashing game full of nice animations, cute critters and charm.

2. Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania
Candy Blast Mania

Not every Match three genre puzzle game has an interesting story but Candy Blast Mania sure has one. It’s a sweet story that keeps you hooked for hours. In this classic match three game, don’t just play level after level matching candies for no reason, instead collect candies by matching them and defeat the evil King Gummy Bear.

Make sure the evil Gummy Bear King doesn’t rule the candy kingdom in this amazing mobile game. Start an adventure in a world full of sweets and candies. Match candies to collect them and use them against the evil bear in head to head battle. Candy Blast Mania has a leaderboard, where you can become the lead player. Leaderboards and challenges reset each week.

3. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile

Step aside, Candy Crush! Catch all the matches in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile! It’s a cool match three puzzle game for Pokemon fans. Battle and catch loads of Pokemon.

The battles are timed, so pick a team and make sure you have an edge over your foes. You get a few hearts, and each level uses one. Hearts fill up in half an hour, or buy them with in-game coins. Get coins or spend real money—you choose. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a top game with unique play and skills. Catch hundreds of Pokemon!

4. Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania
Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania is a fun, fab puzzle game like Candy Crush from Storm8 Studio, the makers of Bubble Mania games. With over 600 puzzle levels, you’ll have a blast smashing glass, digging up treasures to score big, and making combos to up your score. When you create combos, you might even find rare magic diamonds and rainbow stars.

5. Two Dots

Two Dots might look simple, but it gets tricky as you move on. As match three games go, it starts easy, but reaches a fun level of difficulty. Not enough to get frustrating, but enough to keep your attention.

Each level has a different world with its own rules and goals. Just connect the dots to win. When you connect all the dots, you pass the level. Some parts are a bit tough, but you’ll get the hang of it. No time limit in Two Dots, so play at your own speed and without stress.

6. Threes!

Threes! shakes up the match three game world a bit. Looks like maths, but it’s as easy on your brain as Candy Crush. You won’t get to play with sweet candy or shiny gems, instead there are numbers, and you’ll slide and match those instead. Starts easy, with a two and a one making a three, then three and three making six, and so on. But the board gets filled with all sorts of numbers, making it harder than you’d think. It’s more about tactics than maths, and that’s brill!

Candy Crush fans should enjoy it because of the replayability. I’ve played it endlessly for months and have yet to get bored.

7. Triple Town

You’ll want to download Triple Town for its cute blocky bears alone. But don’t be fooled by their cuteness; they’re your foes in this game, blocking your way to a kingdom fit for royalty.

It’s a cute, and unique, twist on a classic match three game.

Build your town by matching tiles and levelling up elements. Three grass patches make a bush, three bushes make a tree, and so forth. It’s you against the bears, building a kingdom. If you fancy just matching and building, there’s a Peaceful mode you can set by buying the game. It’s a one-time charge, and if you enjoy it, it’s worth the one-time spend!

8. Farm Heroes Saga

Say bye to Candy Crush Saga; the same creators made something even more fun and with a smashing story too! Welcome to Farm Heroes Saga, where you’ll be a cool farmer matching and collecting cropsies. A naughty raccoon wants to ruin your crops, so it’s your job to beat him and collect as many cropsies as possible.

You must collect the most cropsies on each level before running out of moves. Challenge your mates and see who’s the top farmer. Reach the leaderboard’s peak and beat your friends’ highscores in Farm Heroes Saga.

9. Cookie Jam

Prep yourself for scrumptious sweet delights in the Cookie Jam puzzle games. Chock-full of yummy cookie treats, you’ll have to match 3+ cookies and nab them before they crumble. With over a 1000 levels, each offering a fresh twist, you’ll be hooked on this tasty puzzle quest treat.

10. Frozen Free Fall

Inspired by Disney’s film, Frozen Free Fall invites you on a grand adventure with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Meet other movie characters as you slide and match frosty puzzles. With 1,000+ levels, addictive play, and colourful characters, it’s a perfect game for kids and kids-at-heart. Unlock more characters as you progress, and earn coins and rewards to spruce up your plaza.

11. Juice Jam

From Cookie Jam’s creators, Juice Jam shifts focus to fruit juices. With 100+ levels and unique power-ups, it’s a fresh take if you’re fed up with cookies or candies. Like its sibling, Juice Jam’s free to enjoy.

12. Treasures of Montezuma 3

You’ve got just one minute to match as many ancient tokens as possible, unlocking new levels in this thrilling puzzle quest. Craft combos to score points and advance through 150+ levels, full of exciting, intricate puzzles. Strategise chain moves and combos, earning magic stars to boost your items. Plus, hunt for treasure in 5 rooms packed with amazing goodies to enhance your game even further.

13. Pet Rescue Saga

While crops, jewels, and ancient totems are fun, matching blocks to rescue adorable pets is truly brilliant. Break obstacles to save trapped pets. With hundreds of puzzles and thousands of blocks holding cute pets captive, it’s your job to rescue ’em all.

Pull off ultimate combos and chain reactions, destroying as many blocks in a single try as possible, and save pets before time runs out. See your name atop the leaderboards and earn bragging rights.