25+ Sims 4 Eyelashes CC Packs

Sims 4 Eyebrows CC

Hey there, Sims fans! Big news for us all—how awesome would it be to jazz up our Sims with some fancy, free eyelashes cc? Kiss those boring, clunky EA eyelashes goodbye. Why? Because through the magic of modding, you can customize your Sim’s style with custom eyelashes!

Imagine this: your Sim strutting around with realistic, amazing eyelashes framing those dreamy eyes. Sexy or natural, quirky or classy, we’ve thrown together a star-studded list of the best Sims 4 eyelashes CC packs that will totally revamp your game in no time.

I mean why waste those precious gaming hours surfing through endless links to find that one perfect pair of falsies for your Sim? Relax! Your search ends here—with our top picks for custom eyelashes.

Are you rolling your eyes at your Sim’s current basic vibe? Well then, lovelies—you’re up for some action! And trust me—it goes way beyond giving them just a ‘new look’. These custom eyelashes change EVERYTHING. Like magic wands, they add life to those monotonous faces and transform their entire style!

Now admit it—we all started with those default EA eyelashes thinking they were ‘the thing’, right? WRONG! If I’m being honest—they were plain terrible! Sloppy edges and dull finish; they truly failed us and our beloved Sims.

But hey…why get all hung-up on them? There is good news! Thanks to Sims 4 CC creators who swooped in like knights in shining armor with real-saver-eye-lashing options. All you gotta do is start downloading them. Less blah-blah and more glam-glam.

Hold on a sec though before diving in—let’s not forget about an essential piece of kit: the eyelash remover mod to erase those irritating EA originals. Let me give you two best choices:



Don’t forget to read any special instructions on the mod page before installation.

Ready to upgrade your Sims’ look? Check out the ultimate list of top eyelash CC packs:

1. Gush Over the Dreamgirl’s Sims 4 Eyelashes CC 3D

Hold onto your seats, people cause these lashes are a total makeover tool! I mean, has anyone’s appearance taken such a turn just by adding eyelashes? They come with 30 different styles of gorgeous lashes – one for every mood of the month (even one with cute little hearts – super cute lashes!).

On seeing them, I screamed, “Holy guacamole!”. With this mind-blowing range of colors and styles – You’ve got to have them.

2. Dainty Lashes – Eyelashes YF01 by Simtographies

If you’re more for the subtle and chic kinda style, Simtographies has just the right stuff. These amazing eyelashes belong to your base game so you can forget about extraneous downloads. With 16 swatches available, pick your best match in a jiffy.

3. Find Your Match with Sims 4 Maxis Match 3D Lashes by isaiahillustrates

Are you on a Maxis Match eyelashes hunt? Call off the search party because isaiahillustrates’ bring you two words: Perfection & Variety. Their Sims 4 Maxis Match eyelashes offer rich shades; you won’t stop till you’ve tried all forty!

You won’t lose them, promise – they’re right there in the glasses section after download.

4. Simply Natural: Custom Eyelashes N1-3 by poyopoyo

Seeking some realistic vibes for your male Sims? Grab this collection! poyopoyo’s eyelashes add elegance yet keep things natural and feel just right for everyone irrespective of age or gender. With no more ‘nays’, just quick taps and you’re ready to go!

5. Enhance Those Blinks: Sims 4 CC Eyelashes – MMSIMS

Got weak knees? Cause these gorgeous eye-catchers from MMSIMS will surely sweep you off your feet! The wet look adds that extra charm that makes a Sim girls’ eyes pop like none other with an enticing spectrum of 45 hues

6. Bringing Back Classics with Sims 4 Eyelashes Version 2 by Kijiko

Been around since forever yet still turning heads on every avatar they touch – The Kijiko lashes are CLASSICS! Although not exactly maxis match, these go perfectly well along with other maxis match CC items!

7. Sport Natural Tones In Style with Suzue’s Sims 4 3D Eyelashes

Smooth texture meets realistic length and density in Suzue’s everyday wear lashes ideal both for males and females across all ages (from teenagers to elders). So go grab these super wearable sets sporting fifteen swatches now!

8. More Versatility Coming Your Way With TwistedCat’s Sims-4 inspired -3D-Eyelashes

Three different variations that suit anybody seamlessly is what twistedcat brings before us in these Glasses tagged lashes set ready to up your glam quotient tonight with sims cool eyelash designs.

9. “Just Outta the Pool” Trendy Eyelashes – Miiko Edition

Fancy making your Sims look like they just breezed out of a pool? Say no more, because Miiko’s got your back with their wet-looking lashes. These come in three stylish forms and four different colors to doll up your Sim in seconds.

Click the download button below without hesitation!

10. Glam Galore Eyelashes – BED & MUSAE Edition

Want fabulous? You’ve got fabulous! BED & MUSAE offer dazzling eyelashes packed with a whole spectrum of vibrant colors and swatches. With these on your Sims’ eyes, heads won’t help but turn their way!

11. Drama Alert Luscious Lashes by RedheadSims-CC

Amp up the elegance and drama with RedheadSims-CC’s custom eyelash set. And don’t worry, though it’s only available for download from Simsdom (trust me I feel your pain), it’s totally worth all the clicks.

12. Spiff Up Your Male Sims with BAkalia’s Manly Lashes Set

Men need lash love too! Don’t let your male Sims settle for less; deck them out in an exclusive set of nine manly lashes by Bakalia and watch them go from drab to fab!

13. “False-yet-Fabulous” Lashes – Murphy-Sims Edition

Get that divine diva look with Murphy-Sims’s 3D eyelash pack – 35 shades to choose from! Choose the style which suits – do we need glasses or skin detail?

14. Grunge Vibes – Coffeemoon’s Painted Eyelash Touch

Ready for some grungy edge? Introduce some rebel to your Sim-look with Coffeemoon’s painted lashes, available in unique styles and eight popping colours including blue, green, and rouge purple.

15. Natural Elegance Sneak Peek – Screaming Mustard’s Sapphire 3D Lashes

A look of natural elegance is only a click away with these subtle yet sensual lash sets from Screaming Mustard; perfect for that ‘no makeup-makeup look’. Discover perfect fits among three shades along with six choices of fullness.

16. Sassy Toddlers Eyelash Essentials – Isaiah Illustrates Pack

Don’t let the kiddos miss out on the fun; give them a share of that luscious lash life too! With Isaiah’s set of toddler-oriented CC lashes (40 shades: including stunning browns and bold blacks), that teen-slash-adult eye game is now available for toddlers!

17. Make It Men’s Fabulous Fierce Look – DDARKSTONEE Eyelash Love

Fierce isn’t just feminine! Give your men Sims an attitude adjustment and an eye makeover all at once with DDARKSTONEE’s fierce male Sim-focused lash pack.

Be sure to check out the download link and get your hands on these awesome lashes!

18. Bold Statement pieces – MMSIMS Thick Lash Thunder Series

MMSIMS has got you covered if thick, attention-grabbing eyelashes are what you’re into (and who isn’t?!), serving you absolute fierceness every time you blink.

Choose from 15 different shapes and three colors to give your Sims that perfect look. Plus, you can choose top or bottom-only options!

19. Hometown warm vibes- Kijiko-catfood.com Skin Detail 3D Lash Lineup

For those seeking something more subtle but still stunning, this pack gives off a wholesome hometown vibe perfect for any friendly sim! And hey don’t forget to grab yourself their custom eyeliners while you’re at it!

20. Totally Trendy Uncurled- Landgraabbed Gentleman UI

Help your male sims keep pace in the world of fashion trends, these uncurled lashes make sure they get all the right kind of attention whether outdoors or indoors.

But don’t worry, these lashes will work on both male and female Sims. Be sure to check out the download link and get your hands on these lashes!

21. Colourful Showstoppers Seleng Styled lashes N6 edition

Turn heads or blind people, either way they can’t unsee these colorful delights that redefine traditional show-stopping beauty sense!

22. Anime Dreaming Shiny Eyelash Display Misty Style

Transform those lil’ everyday heroes into actual anime stars complete with animation-style wide-eyed looks thank to this CC pack.

Check out the download link and get these lashes today!

24. Going Deeper Look Journey-Dreamgirls’ Massive Volume Selection V4

Long voluminous lashes are every girl’s dream; make it happen girl-next-door types or party-loving divas version choices will not disappoint!

25. Flowery Bash Spring Delight

Give off fresh blooms vibes every day introducing this floral-themed mmsim eyelashes mod especially curated keeping soft feminine feels center stage.

26. MMSIMS Short Eyelashes for Male Sims

Who says male Sims can’t have beautiful eyelashes? These stunning CC eyelashes come in 45 swatches and have a short, uncurled look that is perfect for a more masculine appearance. Download for either the glasses or mouth crease category.

27. Screaming Mustard’s Ruby 3D CC Eyelashes

These natural 3D lashes are a must-have for any Sim’s makeup bag! With four different colors and eyelash densities to choose from, they can easily pass for a natural pair of lashes touched up with your favorite volumizing mascara.

Get your Sims red carpet-ready with these top eyelash CC packs. Trust us, they’ll be turning heads in no time!