​Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds – Top 25+ for 2023

Sims 4 CAS Background

Simmers, get ready to say goodbye to that boring old minimalist background in The Sims 4’s Create-a-Sim (CAS) mode! Say hello to the sassiest, most stylish backgrounds to give your Sims the backdrop they deserve.

From a classic dressing room with a floor mirror to vibrant and funky options, there’s a new CAS background for every Sim’s unique style.

Remember, these custom CAS backgrounds are default replacements, so you can only have one installed at a time! But don’t worry, you can always switch ’em up whenever you fancy a change.

So why settle for dull when you can have fabulous? Get your Sims ready for their close-up with a custom CAS background today!

​1. Realm of Magic Sims CAS Backgrounds

Realm of Magic CAS Background, credit: Katverse

Creator: KatVerse

Witchin’ and wizardry alert! Get ready to add some mystical magic to your Sims 4 Create-a-Sim (CAS) with these spellbinding backgrounds! KatVerse, the mastermind behind these designs, has conjured up 4 enchanting backdrops that’ll make your Sim’s witch or wizard gear pop.

Choose from a night-time portal to another realm, a cobbled path leading to who-knows-where, a sky so open it’ll take your breath away, or floating islands that defy gravity. Get your broomstick ready and cast a spell on your CAS backgrounds!

​2. Old School CAS Room for The Sims 4

Old School Sims CAS, credit: littledica

Creator: littledica

Get ready to step back in time, Simmers! This retro-inspired CAS background from creator littledica is a throwback to the old school Sims of The Sims 3, but with a modern twist. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane, but with all the upgraded, sleek art style of The Sims 4.

So put on your vintage gear and get ready for a blast from the past!

​3. Britechester University

Britechester University CAS, credit: Annett

Creator: Annett

If you’re looking to show off your Sim’s trendy college style, these Britechester CAS backgrounds are the perfect fit! Choose from 10 oh-so-scenic backdrops in the beautiful city of Britechester and give your Sims the ultimate fashionista’s CAS photoshoots.

These backgrounds will make your Sims the talk of the campus!

​4. Evergreen Harbour

Evergreen Harbour CAS, credit: Annett

Creator: Annett

Get ready to unleash your inner punk with these Evergreen Harbour CAS backgrounds created by Annett! These backgrounds are straight outta the rundown industrial town and are perf for showing off your Sims’ Grunge looks.

With 10 different backdrops to choose from, your Sims will be rockin’ their edgy style in no time!

​5. Mt. Komorebi

Mt. Komorebi CAS, credit: Katverse

Creator: KatVerse

Brace yourselves, winter is coming to your Sims 4 world! And with it, a flurry of style opportunities. Show off your Sims’ warm and cozy winter wardrobe with these stunning Mt. Komorebi-inspired CAS backgrounds! These snaps straight outta the snowy landscapes of Asian mountains will leave you breathless!

​6. Sims 4 CAS Background Set

Creator: NekoChan-Simmer

Get your anime fix in The Sims 4, baby! Each amazing CAS background, inspired by the anime world, will transport your Sims to fantastical scenes, with a dreamy art style that’ll make ya go “WOW!” No need to leave CAS, cos these backdrops are the real deal, honey!

​7. Christmas Eve CAS Background Set

Creator: Annett

“Ho-Ho-Hold on to your Santa hats, Simmers!” shouts Annett, the creator of these jolly jingles of Christmas Eve CAS backgrounds. Get ready to have a holly, jolly time with ten stunning backdrops of festive rooms in a home.

Don’t let the winter chill bring you down, bring the holiday spirit to your Sims without ever leaving the comfort of CAS!

Get clickin’ and make your Sim’s holiday snaps the talk of the town!

​8. Watercolour Sims 4 CAS Background

Creator: KatVerse

Step aside plain ol’ backgrounds, this watercolor-inspired Sims 4 CAS background is about to light up your life! It’s got all the color you crave, but it won’t steal the show from your Sim.

The perfect mix of fun, playful and pretty!

​9. Summer Backgrounds

Creator: KatVerse

Don’t let the winter blues get you down, luv! These bright, summery Sims 4 CAS backgrounds will transport you to a tropical paradise. Got a Sim with a sizzlin’ swimsuit or a breezy beach look? Then this is the perfect backdrop to show it off!

Choose between four sandy options to soak up the sun, even if it’s just in a CAS background!

​10. Christmas CAS Backgrounds

Christmas Color CAS, credit: mosaica

Creator: mosaica

Feeling the holiday spirit but don’t want to go all out with your Sims 4 CAS backgrounds? Look no further! This set of solid-colored backgrounds with a gentle snowfall is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your Sims’ wardrobe without going overboard.

​11. Pink Sims 4 CAS Background Set

Creator: NekoChan-Simmer

Got a major crush on the color pink? Then you’ll be head over heels for these fluffy, rosy CAS backgrounds. With options ranging from brick walls to treetops, clouds and patterns galore, your Sim’s pink outfits will be in for a treat!

​12. TS2 Inspired CAS Background

TS2 Inspired CAS, credit: thorben-maerz

Creator: thorben-maerz

Throwing it back to the good old days with this one, folks! This genius has brought back the classic CAS background from The Sims 2 and given it a fresh makeover for The Sims 4. You’ll feel like you’re transported back to your childhood as you see this familiar background in a new light! It’s a blast from the past that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

​13. Boho Style Sims 4 CAS Background

Boho Style CAS, credit: Blissfulkissesxx

Creator: Blissfulkissessxx

Blissfulkissessxx’s Boho Style Sims 4 CAS Background is the epitome of downtown, bohemian chic! It’ll have you feeling like you’re lounging in a trendy apartment, complete with neutral colors, patterned carpet, wood, wicker, and oh-so-comfy plush furniture. It’s the definition of simple sophistication.

​14. Sims 4 Attic Room CAS Background

Creator: gmentes

Ladies and gents, are you looking for a rustic hideout for your teenage Sim? Well, look no further! This attic bedroom by gmentes is the perfect space for your Sim to escape the chaos of sibling life. With its brick walls and gabled ceiling, this basic but beautiful room has a charming, countryside feel that’ll make your Sim feel right at home.

So, go ahead, give your Sim the privacy they crave and let them rule the roost in this attic abode!

​15. Starlight Sims 4 CAS Background

Starlight CAS, credit: Nordica-sims

Creator: Nordica-sims

“Step into the Milky Way, Sims-style!” screams the latest CAS background sensation by Nordica-sims. The Starlight background is a cosmic-cool option that beams with starry brilliance, sending your sims on a journey to the galaxy and beyond. Say goodbye to the dull, blue default background and hello to a universe of colorful possibilities.

16. Various Room Background CC for Sims 4

Creator: Annett

Step right up, folks! Get ready to take your Sims’ virtual life to the next level with Annett’s Various Room Background CC for Sims 4! From the comforts of a cosy home, to the cool and contemporary, to seaside serenity, this set of 9 CAS backgrounds has got you covered! Perfect for capturing your Sims’ daily doings in style! So, why settle for basic blue when you can have a taste of the good life?

17. Sims 4 Rainbow CAS Background

Rainbow CAS, credit: busra-tr

Creator: busra-tr

Simmers, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! Get ready to add some rainbow magic to your Sims’ lives with this colourful, oh-so-gorgeous CAS background from the one and only Busra-tr! Say goodbye to that boring blue default background, and hello to a burst of rainbow hues that will have your Sims grinning from ear to ear! It’s time to bring some life to your Sims’ wardrobe and photos with this stunning, one-of-a-kind CAS mod! Trust us, you won’t regret it!

18. Sims 4 Black & White CAS Backgrounds

Creator: Katverse

Sims 4 Black & White CAS Backgrounds by Katverse – These two staple hues are the perfect backdrop for showing off your Sims’ style!

With these solid color backgrounds, your Sims will be the center of attention and their killer outfits will be the real stars of the show. No more boring blue backgrounds to distract from their fashion prowess. Get ready to make a statement with these black and white CAS backgrounds!

19. Sims 4 White Loft CAS Background

White Loft CAS, credit: Katverse

Creator: Katverse

“Sims 4 White Loft” by the fabulous Katverse is giving us all the feels! This pristine, all-white loft setting is making our sims stand out like never before! With its minimalist elegance and stunning downtown skyline view, this CAS background is the cherry on top of the cake. Perfect for those who love to keep it simple and let their sims’ style do the talking!

20. Coffee Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds

Creator: Shasims

Got a cuppa joe obsession? Then you’ll love this set of 6 coffee-themed Sims 4 CAS backgrounds by Shasims! From light cappuccino tones to rich chocolate hues, there’s a coffee-filled backdrop for every mood and outfit. Perfect for those autumnal looks you just gotta snap and share.

21. Sims 4 Dressing Room CAS Backgrounds

Dressing Room CAS, credit: Annett

Creator: Annett

CAS, baby! That’s where you show off your creative vision and turn your Sims into fashion icons. And what better way to do that than with a fancy, modern dressing room background?

Well, Annett’s got you covered with a collection of NINE dressing rooms that’ll have your Sims’ outfits popping and the ‘gram lit! These backgrounds are the perfect stage for trying on and taking snaps of your Sims’ latest fashion looks. Get ready to be the next big thing in the Sims 4 fashion world!

22. Sims 4 Home CAS Background

Home CAS, credit: gmentes

Creator: gmentes

Gone are the days of boring blue CAS backgrounds! It’s time to spice things up with this sizzlin’ modern white living and kitchen area background by gmentes. Your sim will blend in like butter on toast, making for casual, snazzy at-home snaps that’ll have all your friends green with envy. Who says you can’t have a chic home in The Sims 4?

23. Island Sims 4 CAS Background

Island Sims CAS, credit: blissfulkissesxx

Creator: blissfulkissesxx

Aloha, Simmers! Pack your bags, because we’re taking you on a virtual island vacay with this lush CAS background! Your Sim will be surrounded by tropical greenery and walkin’ the walk on a footpath fit for a beachy fashion show. Show off those summer threads and make all your friends jealous with this hot and happening island background!

24. Sims 4 White Studio Background CC

Creator: busra-tr

Say cheese, Simmers! This empty, neutral-coloured studio CAS background is the perfect stage for your sims to show off their fiercest poses. The lighting hitting that brick backdrop makes it look like a pro photoshoot, and you’ll have a ball posing your sims in this Sims 4 CC by Busra-Tr. Get ready to snap some seriously stunning shots!

25. Spotlight CAS Backgrounds for Sims 4

Creator: Annett

Step into the limelight, baby! It’s time for your Sims to shine with these 12 sizzlin’ Spotlight CAS Backgrounds by the one and only Annett. Whether you’re looking for a classic spotlight or somethin’ a bit more funky, these backgrounds will have your Sims feelin’ like rockstars in no time. So grab your guitar, strike a pose, and let the show begin!

26. Sims 4 Abstract CAS Backdrops- A blast from the past!

Abstract CAS, credit: Annett

Creator: Annett

Liven up your Create-a-Sim screen with this quirky set of Sims 4 CAS backgrounds, brought to you by the one and only Annett! With seven abstract designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

For all you music lovers out there, the sound-meter visuals are a must-have! And if you’re a fan of all things retro, you won’t be able to resist the Matrix-style background. It’s a blast from the past! But to be honest, they’re all pretty cool.

27. Stars & Colors Sims 4 CAS Background

Creator: Katverse

Exclusive Scoop! Sims 4 CAS Background by Katverse Lights Up the Scene!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got a real showstopper here! This CAS background is just gorgeous, if you ask us. The pastel hues are straight outta a dream, and the twinkling stars? Pure magic!

You wanna make your sims the life of the party? You want youthful, vibrant pics? Look no further, as this set by Katverse is sure to do the trick! Get ready for your sims to shine brighter than the stars themselves!

28. Sims 4 Winter CAS Background

Creator: busra-tr

Brace yourself, Simmers, the shiver-inducing winter season is here! And what better way to capture the chill than with busra-tr’s frozen-tastic Sims 4 Winter CAS Background! So, grab a hot cocoa and snuggle up with your sim in this snow-covered wonderland. And, don’t forget to dress ’em warm, or they’ll be shiverin’ like a snowflake in the sun!