Sims 4 Wedding Stories – Your Sims’ Ultimate “I Do” Review

Sims 4 Wedding Stories

At first, I was pumped to see what Sims 4 Wedding Stories had in store, but after hearing mixed reviews, my excitement turned into uncertainty. But hey, now that I’ve played it for some time, I wanna share with you what this new Sim’s wedding experience is like, and if Sims 4 Wedding Stories game pack is worth your Simoleons or not.

Tartosa: A Brand New World Awaits You

The Sims 4 Wedding Stories adds a whole new world called Tartosa based on Mediterranean vibes – it’s totally gorgeous! From its stunning beaches and forests to charming villages surrounding it- everything just screams romance! Whether you want an intimate beach wedding or an enormous village celebration- Tartosa can make it happen.

Its towering cliffs and pretty lit waterfalls bring a wow factor that will leave ya speechless. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue for the upcoming nuptials with lots of pizzazz.

Gettin’ Married by the Seaside

Another spot where yer Sims could tie the knot right in a perfect ceremony by the seaside. With beautiful sparkling waters and sandy shores under bright sunny skies -could ya ever dream of something more picturesque?

Customize Your Dream Wedding Y’all!

With Sims 4: Wedding Stories playing cupid at your fingertips- you can make your Sims’ big day special with all sorts of customization options! From selecting the perfect venue, to choosing a theme for the wedding day attire and rehearsal dinner, decorating the place, and choosing the guest list – you can make yer Sims big day truly magical!

Plan the Perfect Ceremony with a Wedding Planner Career

Get yer Sims to kick start their new career as ‘Wedding Planners.’ As a planner, they can now help others plan their special day. It’s up to them to select the perfect venue and coordinating other aspects of the wedding ceremony such as catering, engagement dinner, décor- basically everything under one roof! This fun challenge adds an exciting twist and helps players explore more life avenues for their Sims.

The Wedding Ceremony: A Tale of Two Halves

Pros: Fun & Games leading up to the Ceremony

I was having a blast playing around before the wedding day finally rolled around. All those hilarious moments and interactions made lead-up events like bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners so funny and entertaining. Everyone in my Sim household was pumped up and simply on fire leading up to what should have been an unforgettable day.

Cons: When the Wedding Ceremony Falls Short

Unfortunately, much like some IRL weddings, things didn’t quite play out once we got down to the big moment. Any good vibes I had leading up to our first ever wedding ceremony took quite a nosedive! And not the guilty-pleasure of Sims drama, but some remaining glitches that still haven’t been fixed despite this pack being out a few years.

My poor experience during my first wedding event left me feeling annoyed coz of some bug issues. You can get around these, and I’ll talk more about them in a moment, but it can detract from the real celebration.

Wedding Stories Brings New CAS and Build Options!

The weddings stories game pack also comes fully loaded with tons of added Create-A-Sim (CAS) and Build options that add flavor to any family gathering you could be looking forward to throwing in-game. From nail polish options through accessories selection, it runs the range of casual to elegant. Basically matches every taste you would expect for a real wedding. What’s more? It fills a gap in format wear from the Sims 4 base game.

Build modes come fully furnished with charming décor-based themes that capture various types of events, not just limited to the wedding market alone.

New CAS Items: Wedding Attire for Everyone

No matter what your taste may be or how you’ve pictured your perfect Sim’s wedding experience – there are loads of new options for everyone with this game-changing expansion pack. It’s hard making a game like this, especially around a special event, given the diverse player base of the Sims.

Overall, I think they did a great job, including a diverse range of cultures and styles. It opens up more realistic roleplay opportunities too if that’s important for you. I’m not sure why, but I got an extra chuckle out of “flower pal” compared to the traditional “flower girl”.

I imagined being able to dress one of my older, larger Sims up in a small dress to skip down the aisle for entertainment.

With fun gameplay elements like group wedding dances alongside added new career paths and tons of customization options galore, Sims 4: Wedding Stories is totally worth considering when thinking about taking the plunge into expanded virtual gaming realms.

Breaking Free From Boring Weddings

You no longer have to waste your Simoleons on that lackluster Luxury Party pack just to get your hands on the buffet table. The developers answered our prayers by giving us access to it without needing any other pack. Plus, they added brand-new dishes for us to feast on – how deliciously versatile!

Fresh Interactions and Involvement from Your Fam

The icing on the cake? This expansion adds plenty of meaningful interactions that are centered around weddings. You can express doubts about the wedding or even fawn over someone else’s nuptials. Lots of added cute animations and dialog options. It feels as if real-life drama has found its way into your Sims’ lives – how quaint.

Not only that, but family involvement has been upped in this expansion via new features like choosing one of your relatives as the flower pal or ring bearer or selection of a “Sim of Honor”. Some folks might not be thrilled with the officiant feature. It’s not that it’s bad, you need someone to server as the wedding official, but some of these selections are confusing the way the game plays out.

For example, IRL, you generally know when you decide to get married who is coming, who the “Sim of Honor” will be and who will host the wedding. For your Sims wedding, none of these selections are available to start. You have to move through the process, talking with other Sims, before they become available.

I spent a good amount of time thinking I’d done something wrong not being able to choose these before I just kept playing and found them.

Create Your Wedding Type: From Pristine to Wacky Weddings Galore

There are so many different events you can now host thanks to this expansion pack! You’ve got engagement dinners, serving tea, rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties…the list goes on and on! Who knew weddings could be so much fun?

Dealing With Hiccups Along The Way

But wait – don’t go getting too excited yet. There is some bad news; sometimes things do go haywire. For instance, guests may refuse to budge when prompted or any number of issues during the big day may arise like officiants going missing in action. It never seemed as bad as those who played the pack when it was first released, most of the main bugs I imagine were fixed, there are some still there.

Catch the Wedding Bouquet (If You Can)

When it works, the bouquet toss is super cute! Your Sim can hold onto the bouquet and have a shot at tossin’ it by clicking on the ground. It’s just so darn cute – however, it may not be as picturesque when glitches come into play. You may find your Sims scattered everywhere instead of where they should be to catch those flowers, or worse yet- catching them from behind walls. While sometimes it winds up being more frustrating than worth the effort, catching that lovely bundle of flowers can bring a hilarious level of excitement.

Navigating Through Some Venue Glitches

Here’s something else to keep in mind: The default wedding venue can potentially cause a little bit of confusion for your Sims. They might end up not knowing where to sit, because of multiple wedding arches, or causing ceremony interruptions with their jumbled behavior due to having two different arches. You don’t want anything overshadowing your special day; you might try deleting one arch or blocking off access to one area (if needed). You can also try out some alternate pre-built venues found in your library!

Troubleshooting Dress Code Issues

When you’re planning a wedding in The Sims 4 Wedding Stories pack, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most frustrating issues is the dress code. You can choose either boho or polished, but many players have reported that their selections don’t save, and Sims show up in everyday clothes instead. It’s like trying to herd cats!

Tips for Smooth Wedding Cake Play

As for the cake dilemma, there are three ways to get your hands on one: bake it yourself, order it online or buy one from a wedding cake shop. But watch out! Ordering online can be risky – some players have had their cakes disappear or spoil due to all the moving between inventory and planning menus.

My advice? Buy your cake on the big day itself to avoid any mishaps. Don’t go through all that planning for nothing! And if I may interject – watch out for those Sims who won’t cut the cake even when prompted! It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

User Interface Woes

The user interface (UI) can also be confusing – non-playable characters cannot be selected during planning. And as I mentioned before, certain roles or parts of the wedding can’t be selected until later, like who will accept Sim of Honor or Officiant with friends.

Choosing a wedding cake cannot be done via the planning menu either – it has to be done mid-gameplay. As my dear old mum used to say: read everything carefully before proceeding!

Building and CAS Items: Limited Options & Sentiments

While there are exciting new items available in The Sims 4 Wedding Stories expansion pack – including beautiful dresses and sleek tuxedos – building options were rather limited with only shades of windows that don’t quite match up, plus doors being added into rotation.

In Create-a-Sim (CAS), limited options plaguing male Sims and a lack of heels make it hard to strut your stuff in style – it’s enough to leave anyone feeling crestfallen.

Overall, I recommend proceeding with caution when buying The Sims 4 Wedding Stories expansion pack. Don’t forget, it’ll override the old wedding system once you install it!

Is Sims 4 Wedding Stories Worth Your Simoleons?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to shell out your hard-earned simoleons for the Sims 4 Wedding Stories expansion pack, there are some ups and downs worth considering. The new world of Tartosa is just beautiful, no doubt about it – you might even call it eye candy – but unfortunately, the actual wedding ceremony itself leaves much to be desired due to pesky bugs and faulty gameplay.

When it works, which it might do for you without a hitch! It’s gotten better, and if you’ve waited this long to play everything could go perfect. In which case, it’s fun.

Enjoying Sims 4 Wedding Stories is a Matter Of Priority

Now, don’t get us wrong; if exploring a whole new world where wedding customization knows no bounds is high on your list of priorities, then maybe this expansion pack is still up your alley. But if you’re looking for a picture-perfect wedding experience with smooth gameplay and no annoying bugs and glitches getting in the way of utter matrimonial bliss…well, let’s just say that you shouldn’t count on this pack being the answer to all your wedding dreams.

Should You Buy The Sims 4 Wedding Stories Expansion Pack?

All things considered, it’s tough to make a firm decision either way regarding whether or not you should buy the Sims 4 Wedding Stories expansion pack. If the base game wedding experience leaves you wanting more, and you want more from your Sim’s love story, well then birdie , maybe taking a chance my just be worth it for you!

However, “if love” is truly what ya seek from this game than before you spend your simoleons, take a second to think real hard about whether this particular pack will deliver the wedding experience you’re truly longing for. At the end of the day, only you can make that call based on what really moves ya as a player – but either way, be sure to weigh up both the good and the bad before taking any big simoleon-spending leaps!

If you think it’s for you, pick it up from the EA store.