Sims 4: Island Living – Reviewing the Sims Tropical Paradise

Sims 4 Island Living

Fancy a tropical retreat, Sims-style? Hop on board and set sail to the stunning world of Sulani! In Sims 4 Island Living you’ll get to immerse yourself in its vibrant colors, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery. Trust me, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Sims 4 Island Living – Tropical beaches, dolphins and mermaids!

A World Full of Character

Sulani is a land of diversity that boasts three different neighborhoods you can explore – each with their own charm and personality. Whether you choose to live it up in a modern lifestyle or embrace the traditional islander way of beach life in a more rural setting, there’s something for everyone.

One unique feature that sets Sulani apart is its interactive ocean – your Sims can now dive into the crystal-clear waters, snorkel around, and even swim to the small neighboring islands. It’s like having an actual water playland right at their fingertips!

Discover New Experiences, Features & Island Content

With Sims 4: Island Living expanding the game horizon further than ever before, this pack introduces new features and content that will bring out your inner water baby.

1) Mermaids: whoa mama! You read that right, mermaid Sims! You’ll find these mythical creatures swimming around Sulani’s coral reefs. If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like as a mermaid then now’s your chance – get ready for some endless fun swimming around the Sims 4 island.

2) Conservationist Career: help future generations enjoy Sulani’s beauty by protecting it today via the all-new conservationist career path for Sims looking to make an a conservation effort while soaking up traditional events and a laid back lifestyle.

3) Beach Activities: Want some sun on your face laying about in your Sims own paradise? The beaches are where it’s at! Enjoy beach life relaxing under parasols sipping delicious cocktails ( non-alcoholic of course) at the tiki bar and sun baking (or burning), playing beach volleyball with friends or building sandcastles big enough to take over entire towns- it’s all here.

Island Living Sand Castles

4) Island Culture: Learn about South Pacific cultures through traditional events held throughout this new world– so much to do, so little time.

5) Watercraft: Get off the shore and explore Sulani’s waters with new watercraft such as jet skis or island canoe – there’s never a dull moment on this island oasis!

Pack your bags, grab your lounge chair and join us on this journey to experience life like you’ve never lived it before at Sims 4 Island Living!

Summer Fun for the Whole Fam

If you’re looking for a way to escape the mundane routine of everyday life and dive headfirst into endless fun, look no further than Sims 4 Island Living! From toddlers to seniors, the whole family can take part in the salty shenanigans of island life. You don’t need a fancy babysitter, everyone’s welcome in this breezy world drenched in sun.

If you like generational gameplay, this oceanic paradise includes a little for everyone, and is a pack you’ll definitely want to check out.

New Lots: Off-Grid Oasis and Bare-it-all Beaches

Sins 4 Island Living brings with it two new types of lots to make your gameplay experience even more unique. The first is an “Off-Grid Oasis” where you can challenge yourself to live without any electricity – talk about island vibes! A more sustainable lifestyle awaits your Sim family as they adapt to living off their wits instead of modern day conveniences

The second lot type is totally chill, a “Bare-it-all Beach.” Here your normal Sims can let loose and embrace their inner nudist (don’t worry there’s still major censorship going on here!). Everyone knows nothing feels better than the kiss of that warm sunshine on one’s skin!

Frolicking in the Water with Your Own Ride

Island Living Boats

Speedboats baby! They’re back, bigger and better than ever before. In Sims 4 Island Living these sea-worthy vessels are customizable like never before. Make sure you’re always sailing in style as you traverse the Sims 4 island! With so much water related activities, having your own boat for ocean swimming is definitely a must-have for island exploration.

Diving Deep Into Sims 4 Island Living Paradise

Thrill-seekers will love scuba diving into coral reefs scattered throughout the ocean surrounding the Island Living expansion. These diving spots allow players to explore the tropical archipelago filled with exotic treasure troves and aquatic creatures galore.

Sandy Sensations & Beachy Keen Fun

The island sand adds some real fun; not just smooth grains slipping through fingers. Sims 4 Island Living beaches have come alive with a pit barbecue event, native clothing styles and Sims can build a spectacular sand castle as high as they desire, while kiddos can get in on the fun too! And to make things extra-interesting there are even hidden treasures. Just watch out for pesky sunburns – ouch!

Sims 4 Island Living – Now on the Beach

Beachfront living has never been so good with Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack keeping it classy with their seamless integration of coastal lots beach houses into game play. Build your very own dream home smack dab in the middle of paradise; this’ll be your Sim family’s ultimate island abode. Keep in mind that you won’t find rental options or terrain modifications just yet.

Island Living also features wooden stilts, which elevate homes off the ground, creating a more authentic island-style dwelling (An elevated survey, we should say).

A Flood of Island-Themed Goodies

Whether starting out with a bang or just needing some new furnishings, Sims 4 Island Living introduces an array of casual beach-themed items perfect for sprucing up any Sims 4 island. The best part is these items are practical AND versatile – try mix and matching them with other game packs in more upscale builds if feeling adventurous!

The Best Picks: Palm Trees, Relaxing Beds and Modern Kitchen Counters

The palm trees take the biscuit here – definite eye-catching highs for tropical or warm settings. Forget ordinary beds— the new bed styles got hype for days! Talk about sleeping peacefully under island skies…ahhhh!!! Lastly do not miss out on modern kitchen counters in alluring slats design —no need to go anywhere else, when bringin’ life and fun to cooking right there!

Sims 4 Island Living: The Expansion Pack That Completes Your Collection

If you’re one of those Sims fanatics who want to make sure every expansion pack flows well with each other, then Sims 4 Island Living is the missing piece of your puzzle. This pack gives you the chance to spice up all kinds of settings in a rather intuitive way. Think about how water completes a coconut: that’s how well Island living fits in with the other Sims 4 worlds!

Cross-Pack Compatibility

When it comes to incorporating new expansion packs into your game, cross-pack compatibility is king, and we’re happy to report that Island Living delivers. While Jungle Adventure had some issues blending its vibrant greenery into other areas because of a color contrast issue, this isn’t the case for Island Living.

Sims 4 Island Living has so much to offer from calming beach waves to vibrant colors of cabanas and houses that can fit flawlessly in different worlds without looking out of place.

The Beauty Lies in Versatility

What sets this pack apart is its versatility. Rather than limiting itself to being exclusively used in island or beach-themed environments, it has items that work beautifully across several world themes without looking too outlandish.

For instance, you can now have ripples and driftwood on your domestic lake without thinking twice about its viability because everything blends seamlessly using these features from Island Living.

Create-a-Sim: More Beach Options Than a Seagull!

Sims 4 Island Living definitely spruced up Create-A-Sim! With so many new items available specifically for island adventures like hula-inspired outfits, native clothing styles and diving gear, there is no doubt your Sim will be dressed to the nines for their own paradise.

Can we talk about hairstyles too? I mean – whoa – definitely worth mentioning! Some previous packs caught flak for excluding diverse styles mainly catered towards white folks but worry no more! Island Living provides everyone with nonstop beachy waves of fun hairstyles- straight hair, natural hair- they have everything!

Create-A-Sim Items Worth Every Penny

Typically it’s not customary that I would encourage you to buy an entire expansion pack based solely on the Create-A-Sim content because custom content creators have us covered, and can be more cost-effective in terms of wardrobe enhancements for our Sims. However, Sims 4 Island Living stands out! It’s one-of-a-kind mesh textures with many hairstyles that come in several different colors give it a different league than any other stuff pack added before.

Mermaids, Traits & Aspirations: The Deep End Awakens

Let’s dive right into key gameplay changes that Island Living brings to your Sims experience. With fresh traits, new aspirations, and mythical beings waiting in the sea, there are a lot of immersive features players can look forward to.


Everyone has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of mermaids! These creatures of legend aren’t just plain accessories but, come with several unique gameplay elements as well. Mermaids are incredibly versatile and customizable, ranging from gorgeous designs to eerie appearances that will give even seasoned Sims players goosebumps. If by chance you own the Vampire expansion too- hold on tight because it’s possible to mix-and-match both these elements for perfect customization!

New Traits & Aspirations – All ‘Islandy’ Flavours

Out with the old and in with the new is what Sulani island life screams out loud. It introduces two exciting Traits aka personality hacks along with one New Aspiration based entirely around island living!

Child of the Islands traits gives your Sim a spiritual connection with Sulani. They care more deeply about nurturing the island and can even speak with island spirits.

Child of the Ocean trait is for true water babies. Those who feel closer to life near (or in) the water than land. Sims with this trait will always prefer water related activities. They also won’t eat seafood!

There is another trait, Laid-Back, that is more than partaking in relaxing beach activities. Sims with this laid back lifestyle surrounded by the oceanic paradise will never feel stressed again. Totally chill is an understatement. You do have to earn this trait by completing Beach Life aspiration.

Careers for Sulani Island Life

Sims 4 Island Living introduces one full career and three sweet odd jobs that are all about Sulani island life. Get ready to explore the Conservationist, Diver, Lifeguard and Fisherman gigs, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

1. Conservationist

This cool career lets you get down and dirty with the island environment. You’ll be cleaning up trash and getting rid of green slime from around the island to make it even more beautiful. This job is immersive – not only will you have an impact on how the island looks but also on its environmental health. Plus, you can spread your wisdom about nature to all the locals.

2. Diver

Get your wet suit on and dive into a world of underwater exploration with the diving career! As a diver, you’ll swim over to a buoy and then dive under water to find hidden treasures! Sadly (well not really), you won’t be able to accompany your Sims to see what they see. It’s simple animation, and maybe for the best, because that lag was seriously bad news in Sims 3 the last time they tried it.

3. Lifeguard

Island Living Beach Flex

The diving career and lifeguard are both a part time job. True to laid-back beach life, that Lifeguard has no take home work and includes some fun interactions. Patrol for Danger puts your Sim in a serious hero pose, supposedly watching for danger, but I think it’s more for show. Speaking of show, Beach Flex. is just what is sounds like. You can click on another Sim and flex for them, showing off your lifeguarding “skills”.

4. Fisherman

I didn’t play much with the fishing or diving career, and I only went to improve my fishing skill because I wanted the first title of the Fisherman job, “Goldfish Hunter”. I didn’t want to lose such an obviously important role, and embraced Sulani island life by focusing on other gigs.

Cultural Interactions & Traditional Events

Embrace the unique culture of Sims 4 Island Living by engaging with new cultural experiences inspired by real-life Polynesian traditions such as throwing down leaves covering food for cooking rather than slapping it on the barbie mate.

Overall, Island Living has earned itself an A+ for providing immersive experiences through intertwining new careers and exploring different lifestyles while keeping true to old school values of community spirit and hard work.

BAD STUFF: The Downsides and Limitations of Sims 4 Island Living

As rad as Sims 4 Island Living is, there are some bummers worth mentioning.

1. No Swimming in Other Worlds

You can only swim in the island world, which sucks when you’re dying for a dip somewhere else, like Windenburg. It would’ve been great if you could take a dive anywhere in the game.

2. Fake Houses and Limited Lots

The Sims community is bummed because there are lots of phony houses on the island that you can’t access. They’re just there for looks and nothing more. This move was probably due to slow performance, but it’s annoying and could’ve been fixed by adding more trees or other decorations instead.

3. No Houseboats

Houseboats were dope in The Sims 3 Island Paradise, but they didn’t carry over to Sims 4 Island Living. While this won’t be an issue for everybody, it’s important to know that they’re not included in the expansion pack.

THE VERDICT: Sims 4 Island Living A Must-Have Expansion Pack with Something for Everyone

In conclusion, The Sims 4 Island Living is one sick addition to the game! Despite a few shortcomings, this expansion pack gives birth to an immersive experience tailored for everyone!

The conservationist career might feel chained down to the world at times, but it adds a super cool element perfect for nature lovers!

So yeah – even though no product is perfect – the upsides of Island Living definitely tip the scales! Most of its downsides are nit-picky anyway – pshhh! This pack knocks The Sims 3’s previous attempt right outta da water!! 

If you’re unsure about picking up The Sims 4 Island Living, I say go for it! With so many fresh ways to play, there’s bound to be something you’ll love in here! So what are you waiting for? Dive on into this lush and wild world with a boatload of things to do! You can pick it up on Steam or head to the EA store.